ULÄC Tron XD Schloss mit Fingerabdruck

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Biometric Fingerprint Shackle Lock. Battery Life: 2200 openings on a full charge; at least 150 openings on low charge. Emergency Unlocking: in case of low battery or malfunction unlock with key or use Micro USB and portable charger for temporary charge. A truly advanced product of innovation + engineering.


  • 0.5 second unlocking
  • Store up to 20 fingerprints
  • Integrated silicon overmoulded design
  • High Security Abloy Keys with 2000 unique key combinations
  • Emergency Micro USB charge
  • Emergency manual key unlock
  • Light weight Alloy Shackle with silicon overmoulding
  • Opens up to 2200 times on a full charge
  • Rainproof


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